Are You Brave Enough to Listen?

Shannon Martinez

Survivor- Leader, Speaker, and Consultant 

Former US Naval Ombudsman

Founder of Shannon Speaks & Shame Eaters

About Shannon

 I have been working to end sexual exploitation through my organization Shame Eaters since 2014. I am a Survivor-Leader, Speaker, and Consultant.                                                                

Having been a US Navy Ombudsman,  for several years, being afforded a unique ethnographic perspective that I am capable of using to assist relevant populations with an ethnographic perspective of domestic human trafficking, sexual exploitation, childhood trauma, foster care, and, life after my life of trauma. I also consult on matters of awareness training, recovery, and demand reduction techniques, as well as assistance and recovery to prostituted women through running Shannon Speaks and Shame Eaters. One to share my expertise while the other has boots on the ground treading in places that even the Devil fears to go. 

About Shannon

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